Driving people and projects, higher and further

Driven by the values of respect, authenticity, trust, autonomy and empowerment, I really enjoy seeing my interlocutor’s eyes light up when one of our discussions helps them make progress on their project.

My ability to develop and maintain close relationships with a variety of audiences lets me identify opportunities and build bridges between projects and personalities.
This pooling of knowledge and experience helps to reveal new ideas or innovative solutions for the people concerned. A real stimulation for the neurons!

After studying political science and international relations, I improved my experience during my professional development in the pharmaceutical, consulting and philanthropic sectors.

Working for these, I have acquired multiple skills in project, program, partnership and people management and support. Realising along the way how important is is to agree on the path to be followed in order to induce a meaningful change.

Above all, my various roles have taught me the value of sharing talents to serve a project or profile in need of quality support. So my entrepreneurial adventure took roots with the desire to help these people find the relevant lines of actions for their project.



For me, it is a precious time of discovery, both of myself and others. I met several of my close friends when I was abroad.


Starting a book means entering a new world each time. The book about Agatha Christie’s multiple lives fascinates me.


Discovering a new artist or an exhibition is highly rewarding. I have started an art history degree How fun!


My totem. A unique object resulting from an encounter with a designer who knew how to make my ideas a reality.


As the mood takes me, I choose a deck and draw a card and let myself be carried away by what it inspires in me. What comes out changes from day to day. What comes out changes from day to day.


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