Too busy with your day to day work?
Being constantly in action can prevent you from seeing what has already been achieved. Take a moment to breathe and congratulate yourself.

Look back to appreciate how far you have come

You want to better identify your progress but also to receive more positive feedback in your daily life. So look back to identify the positive and constructive points of your project. This will let you appreciate the effort made, see how far you have come and give you energy. Celebrate yourself, you deserve it!

This service is for you if:

. You have been working hard on your project lately but have little feedback.

. You feel you are making little progress in turning your ideas into reality.

. It has been a while since you took the time to appreciate what you have achieved.

. You would like to share your small and big victories with someone else.

“NURTURE” sessions : Duration 1h30 – personalized approach

Join me for a moment where we put you in the spotlight. During our discussion, we will take the time to pinpoint your achievements, choose how best to celebrate them and use this progress to keep you moving forward. Think of this time as a consolidation of your achievements and a preparation for your next success.

Nurture sessions will highlight the quality and results of your daily work to retain your motivation to keep your activity going.

Turn towards the sun, and the shadow will be behind you.

Maori proverb

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